Safer's Japanese Beetle Bag For Hard to Beat Beetles - 3 refills

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Welcome to Safers, your trusted source for effective Japanese beetle control solutions. Introducing our Safers Japanese Beetle 3 Refill Bags, the perfect complement to our Japanese Beetle Trap, providing ongoing protection for your garden against these invasive pests.

Designed to work seamlessly with our Japanese Beetle Trap, the Safers Japanese Beetle 3 Refill Bags offer a continuous supply of lure to attract and capture adult beetles. Each refill bag is packed with a potent combination of floral and pheromone attractants, irresistible to Japanese beetles, ensuring that your trap remains effective throughout the beetle season.

Refilling your trap is quick and hassle-free. Simply open a refill bag and place the contents into the trap's collection bag. The powerful scent emitted by the lure will draw in adult beetles, guiding them into the trap where they are securely captured, reducing their population and protecting your plants from their feeding damage.

Our refill bags are formulated with safety and environmental consciousness in mind. They are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, providing a natural and eco-friendly solution to Japanese beetle control. By using these refill bags, you can effectively manage the beetle population without compromising the health of your garden or the surrounding ecosystem.

The Safers Japanese Beetle 3 Refill Bags are an essential tool for long-term Japanese beetle control. By consistently replenishing your trap with fresh lure, you can maintain its effectiveness and keep your garden protected from these destructive pests.

Choose Safers for reliable and sustainable Japanese beetle control. Our refill bags are convenient, efficient, and compatible with our Japanese Beetle Trap, ensuring that you can combat these pests with ease. Take action today to safeguard your plants and enjoy a thriving, pest-free garden. Safers Japanese Beetle 3 Refill Bags—the smart choice for ongoing beetle control.

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