Questions About Growing

Climate Control

What temperature should my grow room be kept at?

How to choose the right grow fan

How can I prevent mold?

What's the difference between oscillating fans and inline fans?

Key components of a ventilation system

How do I adjust my pH levels?

What is "nutrient lockout" and how can I prevent it?

How do I add CO2 to my grow system?

How do I calculate how much CO2 I need?

How do I raise or lower the temperature of my grow area?

How do I deal with strong odours?

How humid should I keep my grow room?

How often should I water my plants?

Grow Systems

How often should I empty and replace my reservoir and nutrient solution?

What is the best media to use for hydroponic systems?

Grow Lighting

Should I replace my HID lighting with LED?

How to calculate light energy needs for LEDs

How close should my LED lights be to my plants?

Do different lights affect buds differently?

How to calculate light energy needs for HID lights

What is the different between metal halide and HPS?

Does the ballast power have to match the bulb?

What makes one reflector better than another?

Open vs. air-cooled reflectors

Grow Tents

General guidelines on plant numbers by tent size

Before You Start

Complete checklist for new growers


How are base nutrients different from growth and bloom enhancers?

What is the NPK ratio and why is it important?

What is root rot and how to avoid it?

Business Questions


What is your Returns & Cancellations policy?

Shipping Policy & Shipping Insurance

Are your prices Canadian? Are you in Canada?

Where is my order / tracking number?

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Can I pay via e-Transfer?

Can I add another item to my order after placing it?

Do you special order products that aren't on your site?

How long will it take to receive my order?

Can I pay with Bitcoin without having a Coinbase account?

General Cannabis Info


What is the difference between an indica and sativa?

What are terpenes?