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Great Package for Harvest Season

Makes trimming a real pleasure instead of chore.

Great product . Very fast shipping as usual .

I am very impressed with this dual fuel . Very concentrated and so simple to use . Very fast shipping as usual . Thanks grow daddy

Great machine bag not so much

Machine works great only downside was the zipper failed first run in the machine

Magical Butter 4 Pack

Love it

Only one thing I'd change it needs a paddle hanging off the center bar to push flower and scrape screen I made one from a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and a couple pieces of wire

GP3 Massive Bloom Formulation

Product works as advertised. Increased trichomes, overall bud size and aroma.
Easy to use.

Flora Kleen

So far so good. Appears to have removed residue build up on top of the soil. Further analysis in a few weeks when I break up the root bundle. Recommend this product.

Magical Butter Version 2
Darrell Trenholm
So far - fantastic!

Have only used once - very impressed - so much easier than previous method used. Would definitely recommend Magical Butter machine and definitely GrowDaddy is the place to buy it!

PureTane Butane
Wayne Larson

Very good product

Magical Butter Version 2
Jennifer Bawden
Good so far

Good price and fast delivery (even with Canada Post :-))
I made a batch yesterday, seems good so far.

Super quick delivery!

Light seems bright , for the price, Time will tell.

3x3 tent

You can tell your business know what your doing with delivery, professional all the way. I will be ordering from you again. The tent is what I should have purchased the first time. I went with a brand that was not gorilla

Good quality product

Plants are eating this product up, great trichome production. Buds look good and healthy. Fast and ahead of schedule delivery for my order.

Green Planet Rezin


Works as advertised, increased size, aroma, flavour and trichomes, specific to strain. Simple to use.

metre high guy

Good nutes even better prices

Good stuff

Use remo for a few additives to my regiment. Cheaper alternative than some of the others out there, works well priced well. Would recommend.

Plant Twist Ties

They are not too big and not too small........they are the perfect size.

Great product from a great retailer.

Product is exactly as expected, I would recommend this product from this retailer!

Remo Nutrients: VeloKelp

Super fast shipping

Excellent service & super fast shipping across canada

Best Canadian retailer with top shelf products

Fast shipping, and the products are exactly what I wanted/needed! Great 3 part nute system!!


I am used to fiskars and scissors with a spring in it, so these took a bit of a learning curve to get used to.

But MAN these are great scissors. They are angled so you can get right into the bud you're trimming and remove those pesky leaves/crows feet.

They have a very smooth action, they are sharp, and after getting used to them, an absolute JOY to use.

Fleks ducting

Great product maybe not the toughest but at this price it’s really affordable!I got two here for my grow tent for my reflector so i used one on can filter and the other directly to the can fan to outake air and fit great!

Takes away any smoke harshness

1.6 Thumbs Up

Handy, portable, cheap. What more could you want ... Let me tell you;
The only improvement this could use is to raise the scale bed just a touch above the rest of the unit to avoid false readings when what you're weighing is bigger than the scale bed.

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