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Floraflex propagation kit

Best tray ever ,really thick with two compartments to not soaked your baby in water cuz only roots touched bottom!On this no overwatering easy to work i recommended to everyone


This stuff is awesome. Literally one drop at a time.

Awesome base nutrients!!

I love this as a base nute, I also use it with Tiger Bloom. My only complaint about Grow Big is that I accidentally bought the Grow Big for hydroponic use last year as the bottles look almost identical but have a different shade of green, a different NPK and the word "hydroponics" on the bottom of the label. Beginner mistake that I hope no one else makes. Great product, great results!!

Magical Butter Version 2
Russell Stoddart
Great machine

It does everything they say it will.
The glove is a bit big and had to use.

Floraflex lithium sprayer

Best sprayer to date ! !First a lithium battery
have enormous life i never charged it yet after a week!The real point is the famous possibility to spray in water powder
and it’s what we need for clones and seedling plus they use always same quantity of water at each spray so you will never overwatering really nice i recommend to everyone!Max

Great product

This making infused butter/oil so much easier, I would recommend it to anyone!!

Toms Tumbler 1900 System

Really disappointed, spent $2000 on something I could have made for $100. If I can get a refund that would be great.

Excellent product


Works good, literally one drop at a time.

Alfred Digital pH Meter Model PH-1


The unit is small and efficient works great. The only down side is how small the catch bin is. It fills up land has to be emptied every 6-7 hours. This unit needs to be plumbed into a drain.

Hi, this is agreat machine and i bought second one Nd its very easy to use
its agreat buy

Just an awesome product

First time using this product and I am very impressed with my plants results. Highly recommended

ROI E680

just got my light from grow daddy.Fast shipping,great service.All and all a great experience Love the new light.thinking about getting another one.

Ph meter

I was sceptical at first but tried it as per instructions and it worked awesome. I know I can relax now about the ph for my plants. Going to try it in my pool to check ph for it.

The Living Room Grow Tent 4 x 4

Should have bought one sooner.

Thank You GrowDaddy:

Three stabs at decarbing in an inaccurate oven had me doubting the strength of my flower. One decarb cycle in the Nova and I am convinced this is a money saver. No guess work, minimum smell and effective at activating the THC.
Deducted a star because it would be nice to have more capacity.

Prompt delivery sooner than estimated.

Compact & Comfortable

I like the feel clipper in my hand as I have small hands some are not comfortable. Work great would buy again. Only negative is at times it sticks.

Mars Hydro: TSW2000 Series LED Grow Light With Dimmer

Easiest and best Organic Nutrients

Trued Foop now I will probably never use anything else again. Has everything u need in it including calmag, silica. I literally dont have to buy extras or guess ever again. My plants are monsters now.

its worth it

10/10 the bin does what it says and the brush will save your hours of trimming and does an alright job.

Route Package Protection
Taiino obaroghedo
Route Package Protection

Great product , you guys are cool I will be back

Have received and Love it.

Excellent for smaller rooms

Best Nutrients!!

Remo Nutrients are my go to for my grows!! Grow Daddy is number one! Great service and fast shipping.

My first tent.

So I’m new to growing and this is my first tent. I have nothing to compare it to other than what I saw on YouTube videos.

Shipped fast and came in great shape. The tent is visibly well constructed. The zippers are beastly. I give it it 4 because the materials used for all vent ports could def use a little attention.

I would have use actual para cord for the draw strings. Thicker vent skirt material and a better clip to clamp the strings down. But at the wnd of the this is a minor gripe with the tent.

Overall really happy with my choice to go with gorilla that I’ve ordered an other 2x4 to have a veg tent.

Definitely going to serve me well for years to come.

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