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  • Root Pouch: Aeration Container (1-100 Gallons)

    The Root Pouch is a soft-sided aeration container that air root prunes your plants. Air root pruning is a key component to a healthy fibrous root ball. Unlike plastic containers,...
    From $5.99
  • Grow One Mini Clip Pruners

    These scissors Mini Clip have stainless steel blades, ergonomic ring for the finger and a textured surface providing a secure grip.
  • Mammoth Dry

    Utilize the most cost efficient drying rack from Mammoth to ensure your crop is cured to industry standards. The Mammoth Drying rack expandable and can be linked together for bigger...
  • Black and White Poly Film

    This waterproof poly film is black on the outside and white on the inside. The white side reflects light on the growing surface, as it reflects 90% of the light....
    From $59.99
  • SunBlaster Nanodome

    A Better Dome for Better Growing! A lot of thought went into our 7" NanoDome, because we wanted it to be more than just enable people to garden, we wanted...
  • Harvest More Scissor Scrubber

    Say good-bye to gross gummy blades, sticky rags and sloshy jars – the Scissor Scrubber gets the job done without a big fuss and no mess! The Scissor Scrubber is...
  • RapiClip Plant Labels 4" 50 pack

    6” White Plant Labels, 50pk Bright white color, write on with any marker Plastic material for long lasting use Standard 6” size is small, yet easy to read From Rapiclip®,...
  • LusterLeaf Digital Soil pH Tester

    The slender redesigned meter style provides an easier to read, instant digtal read-out. It measures and displays the acidity / alkalinity of garden and container soil. Batteries are required and...
  • Mammoth Hold Ties 4 pack

    Mammoth Hold ties are used to direct your growing plants into desired positions inside your grow tent. Reusable and absorbent free, these ties are a must have for any grower...
  • Trellis Netting

    In order to effectively provide light to all bud sites when growing indoors, trellising should be used. This creates an even plant canopy by gently bending the stalks and provides...
    From $11.95
  • Luster Leaf Rapitest Ph Soil Tester (10 tests)

    Soil should be tested periodically throughtout the growing season, but it is especially recommended before planting in spring or when preparing to plant. The Luster Leah Rapitest Ph Soil Tester...
  • Hydro Farm 3-Way Meter

    The Hydro Farm 3 way meter tests for moisture, light and Ph.
  • Spray Bottle 1 L

    1L Spray bottle great for foliar spraying and general cleaning.
  • Soft Touch Twist Ties

    Gentle on hands and plants, for use around the home and garden.
  • Vinyl Drip Tray (6"-14")

    Economical way to keep a growing area clean and plants moist. Made with soft vinyl, they wont break if you accidentally step on them. 
    From $2.00
  • Method 7 Sunglasses – Cultivator LED+

    The Cultivator LED Plus provides great value and exceptional color balancing for LED lighting with our proprietary lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. Lenses are polycarbonate with 100% UV protection and...
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