HID Grow Lights

High intensity discharge (HID) is a form of lighting used in indoor growing. HID grow lights produce an electric arc between electrodes housed inside the bulb. This electric charge produces a high-intensity light. Bulbs are available in high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) or ceramic metal halide (CMH) versions. HID lighting also includes double-ended lighting systems as opposed to single-ended traditional bulbs.

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Ceramic Metal Halide

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Nanolux CMH 630W Fixture - GrowDaddy
Nanolux Nanolux CMH 630W Fixture
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Nanolux Ballast RTU-C1rtu-c1 - GrowDaddy
Nanolux Nanolux Ballast RTU-C1rtu-c1
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Nanolux 315w CMH Lamp 4k - GrowDaddyNanolux 315w CMH Lamp 4k - GrowDaddy
Nanolux Nanolux 315w CMH Lamp 4k
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Double Ended Fixtures

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HPS/MH Fixtures

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