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  • GRO1 Microscope w/ LED 60X

    The LED Binocular Microscope is great for on-the-go identification of pests and diseases on your plants so you can quickly and accurately resolve the problem. This microscope can switch between...
  • Safer's Sticky Strips (5/pk)

    • Inexpensive, sticky garden traps• Captures aphids and flying insect pests
  • Growstone: Gnatnix Fungus Gnat Control

    • Non-toxic, chemical-free fungus gnat control• Long-lasting top dressing • Effective under dry or moist conditions
  • Active Eye 60x-100x Microscope w/ phone adapter

    • Provides targeted, optimal illumination• Includes phone adapter and tri-lingual color chart/user guide• Compact, lightweight design
  • Safer's 3 in 1 Garden Spray

    • Combines insecticidal soap with sulfur-based fungicide• Insecticide, Miticide, and Fungicide• Ideal for novice gardeners unsure of the problem
  • Green Planet Nutrients: White Wash

    This product is for cleaning your plants.  It uses frequency altered water to restore your plants back to their optimum health.
    From $18.99
  • Active Eye 100x Illuminated Microscope

    • Provides targeted, optimal illumination• Includes tri-lingual color chart/user guide• Compact, lightweight design
  • Green Earth: Insecticidal Soap

    Select a natural method to control insects in greenhouses and garden areas. With GreenEarth Insecticidal Soap you can gently and effectively remove destructive insects that are threatening your plants.  The...
  • Safer's Insecticidal Soap

     Safe and natural• broad spectrum control• Breaks down insect's protective coating and causes dehydration
  • AEF Fungicide Cyclone

    Powdery mildew on your cannabis crop? Fight back with Cyclone fungicide!Cyclone is a lacto-fermented liquid fungicide and bactericide that has been approved for use in legal indoor cannabis cultivation by...
  • Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger (70-400g)

    Doktor Doom Foggers flush out and eradicate insects on contact. Contact sprays will not kill eggs or nymphs repeated applications are required.  One ounce treats 1000 cubic feet of unobstructed...
    From $119.99
  • Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout (Cases of 12)

    For use on ornamental plants, edible plants, trees, shrubs and evergreens, and can be used for many other indoor & outdoor uses. Kills bed bugs; for use on mattresses and...
  • Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray (Cases of 12)

    Kills Bed Bugs and provides Residual Control of Bed Bugs. Kills Mosquitoes and provides Residual Control of Mosquitoes- including Mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus. Kills Carpenter Ants and...
  • Doktor Doom: No Bite Tree & Plant Protector (Cases of 12)

    This product can be used to control damage caused by: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Raccoons, Beavers, Mice, Rats, Deer, Squirrels, Voles and Porcupines. Stops Wild & Domestic Animals from Chewing, Nibbling,...
  • Doktor Doom Unscented Metered Spray (Cases of 12)

    UNSCENTED- No obnoxious perfumes. Fits all Cam Spring Action (CSA) Dispensers. 1 Can will dispense for 30 Days at 7 ½ minute Intervals. 1 Can treats up to 6000 Cubic...
  • Doktor Doom Metered Release BVT Spray (Cases of 12)

    Doktor Doom’s Metered Release BVT flying insect spray is ideal for 30 day enclosed environment insect control. Fits BVT (battery variable timer) dispensers only. Includes 12 212g cans
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