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HID, Metal Halide, HPS

High intensity discharge lights were the most common lighting solutions amoungst indoor cannabis growers for a long time, along with their metal halide and high pressure sodium variations. These grow lights can closely achieve the light output of the sun, but they use more power, generate a lot of heat, and the bulbs need to be changed at different grow stages. 

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- Do different lights affect buds differently?
- How to calculate light energy needs for HIDS
- What is the different between metal halide and HPS?   

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  • Hydrofarm: Mini 150w HPS System

    • Mini Sunburst reflector comes with all that you need to get growing—it's plug-and-play • Magnetic 150W HPS • Includes instructions, hangers, cord, lamp, and lighting recommendations
  • Sun System HPS 150 Grow Light Fixture

    This compact easy-to-use light fixture will work great for any gardener. The high intensity bulb delivers an amazing 16,000 lumens and provides the output and ideal color spectrum required for...
  • Sun System Digital 250/400 Watt

    This state-of-the-art digital fixture will run both 250 and 400 watt lamps. The integrated electronic ballast allows operation of both metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. The...
  • Sunburst 250/400 Grow Light

    The Sunburst is an efficient electronic ballast and reflector in one compact package. It delivers more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and operates at cooler, quieter levels than...
  • Neutron 2100 SE Reflector

    A neutron star is a type of compact star. Neutron stars are the smallest and densest stars known to exist in the universe. Our new Neutron 2100 reflector is very...
  • Lightspeed 315W CMH Growlight Fixture

    Designed for Ceramic Metal Halide technology the Lightspeed CMH 315W Lighting System reflector provides maximum lumen intensity, uniform distribution, and deep canopy penetration. The horizontally installed CMH bulb (not included)...
  • Silverstar CMH Reflector 315W Ballast System

    The Silverstar CMH 315W reflector is the latest innovation in the Silverstar line and is designed for Ceramic Metal Halide technology. Like all the Silverstar products, this reflector is made...
  • Nanolux 315 CMH fixture

    Ceramic Metal Halide or CMH for short (some refer to it as CDM), is becoming more popular in the horticultural industry. The CMH lamps have a very broad light spectrum...
  • Hortilux 315 CMH Fixture With Eye Hortilux 315 CMH Lamp

    The new Eye Hortilux CMH 315 Grow Light System takes the next step for grow light systems. The short, compact reflector design maximizes light with 8% more light hitting the...
  • Hortilux SE 600 Fixture

    The SE 600 grow light system is designed to maximize the performance of 600 watt EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. This system focuses 20% more of the light to the target...
  • Gavita Pro E-Series 600e SE

    The Gavita Pro 600e SE is part of the new Gavita e-series fixtures that are suitable for remote control with the Gavita Master Controllers. Equipped with a 1190 µmol s-1...
    From $599.99
  • Lightspeed DE 630W CMH Growlight Fixture

    Designed for Ceramic Metal Halide technology the Lightspeed CMH 630W DE Lighting System reflector features intense lumen output, even distribution, and deep canopy penetration. The horizontally installed double-ended 630W CMH...
  • Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX

    The new Gavita 6/750W 400 V EL DE lamp has an efficiency of 2 µmol s-1 per watt in a wide control range of 600-825W. Now that is flexibility! At...
    From $679.99
  • Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE

    The best just got better. The Pro 1000e DE is the new e-series flagship model. Together with the Pro 1000e DE, Gavita also introduces its Pro plus 1000W electronic lamp,...
    From $737.99
  • PL Light Systems NXT-LP 1000W

    PL Light Systems NXT-LP 1000W  Engineered specifically for low ceiling applications, the NXT-LP offers growers the same industry-leading performance they have come to expect from the NXT family of products—without...
  • Sun System® Magnetic Trifecta

    Includes a magnetic ballast the Sun System® Hard Core® 1000 watt switchable 120-240 volt, an Econo Wing Reflector® and an Ultra Sun® 1000 HO HPS lamp all packaged in one...
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