Temperature Control

Temp Control

Cannabis plants typically enjoy an ideal temperature of 24°C. You do not want the temperature to go higher than 29°or you risk heat stress and can stunt the growth of your plants. Going above 50°will kill most strains. During dark periods of the flowering stage, you can allow the temperature to drop as low as 13°C, but any lower and plant growth will be stunted. 

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What temperature should my grow room be kept at?
How do I adjust the temperature of my grow area?

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  • Grozone HT2: Climate Controller

    The Grozone HT2: Climate Controller is the easy and efficient way to monitor day/night temperature and humidity settings. Day and Night temperature settings: 48°F to 104°F (9°C to 40°C) Day...
  • SPRO Digital Atmos control W / timed CO2 controller

    • AC-2• Day or night control• Remote combination probe (temp/RH/light)• Timed CO2 control function
  • Grozone TP3 High Temperature Shut-Off Tempstat

    The Grozone TP3 High- Temperature Shut-Off Controller is the answer for ultimate dependability in managing your indoor garden temperature. Automatically shuts down lighting and/or other equipment when a high temperature setpoint...
  • Grozone TP1: Day / Night Thermostat

      Controls cooling or heating equipment according to a daytime or nighttime setpoint. 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C. Can power 120Vac equipment up to...
  • GROZONE: 24H Timer with High Temp. Shut-Off TP24H

    DESCRIPTION High Temp Shut-Off to prevent the grow room from overheating. Temperature setpoint between 70°F and 120°F (21°C to 49°C). 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F /...
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