Temperature Control

Temp Control

Cannabis plants typically enjoy an ideal temperature of 24°C. You do not want the temperature to go higher than 29°or you risk heat stress and can stunt the growth of your plants. Going above 50°will kill most strains. During dark periods of the flowering stage, you can allow the temperature to drop as low as 13°C, but any lower and plant growth will be stunted. 

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What temperature should my grow room be kept at?
How do I adjust the temperature of my grow area?

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  • Aqua Heat Titanium 300w Reservoir Heater

    Heater tube is fully submersible Automatic electronic heater Double heating tube Very durable and reliable Easy temperature control Ideal for saltwater and freshwater Temp range: 68 F (20ºC) to 93...
  • Grozone HT2: Climate Controller

    The Grozone HT2: Climate Controller is the easy and efficient way to monitor day/night temperature and humidity settings. Day and Night temperature settings: 48°F to 104°F (9°C to 40°C) Day...
  • GROZONE: 24H Timer with High Temp. Shut-Off TP24H

    DESCRIPTION High Temp Shut-Off to prevent the grow room from overheating. Temperature setpoint between 70°F and 120°F (21°C to 49°C). 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F /...
  • SPRO Digital Atmos control W / timed CO2 controller

    • AC-2• Day or night control• Remote combination probe (temp/RH/light)• Timed CO2 control function
  • Grozone TP3 High Temperature Shut-Off Tempstat

    The Grozone TP3 High- Temperature Shut-Off Controller is the answer for ultimate dependability in managing your indoor garden temperature. Automatically shuts down lighting and/or other equipment when a high temperature setpoint...
  • Grozone TP1: Day / Night Thermostat

      Controls cooling or heating equipment according to a daytime or nighttime setpoint. 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C. Can power 120Vac equipment up to...
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