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Welcome to the Environmental Factor Inc. (EFI), the industry leader in nematode applications in Canada. As a Canadian-based biotech company, we are committed to pioneering the development of organic, high-performance neonic-free bio-pesticide products customized for specific applications.

At EFI, we specialize in nematodes and other environmentally friendly products, making us your one-stop shop for all your nematode needs. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability has allowed us to maintain our position as the trusted choice in the industry.

What Are Nematodes?

Nematodes, often referred to as roundworms, are multicellular insects with smooth, unsegmented bodies. While they may be invisible to the naked eye, these small organisms play a significant role in various ecosystems. Nematodes that feed on pests are not the same as filarial nematodes, which infect the human body and harm the immune system.

Beneficial Nematodes and Their Role

Beneficial nematodes come in a range of sizes, from 1/25 inches to several inches long. With slender, translucent, and unsegmented bodies, each nematode has a specific role in maintaining ecosystem balance.

Some nematodes reside in the soil and break down organic matter, particularly in compost piles. Soil nematodes, typically ¼-inch-long, serve as natural pest controllers, targeting a variety of harmful insects such as weevils, cutworms, ants, borers, thrips, and more. They eliminate these pests by either entering the insect and injecting deadly bacteria or parasitizing the pest and feeding on it.

When purchasing nematodes, it's essential to identify the specific pests you need to control, ensuring you choose the appropriate nematode species. Additionally, nematodes thrive in moist areas with warm soil, making it crucial to water the area before and after their application. We recommend carefully reading the instructions provided with our nematode products for optimal results.

Our Focus: Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPN)

While there are various types of nematodes, EFI primarily works with Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN). These nematodes collaborate with bacteria to effectively control insects that pose threats to plants and agriculture.

The Importance of Nematodes for Agriculture

Nematodes play a critical role in promoting healthy soil ecosystems. They facilitate the movement of bacteria and fungi throughout the soil, aiding in nutrient cycling and the release of nitrogen for plant growth. Adequate nitrogen intake is essential for optimal plant development, and nematodes contribute to this process.

Furthermore, nematodes are valuable in maintaining lawns and gardens. If your plants have been affected by pests, introducing beneficial nematodes can help naturally control the infestation. Whether you're dealing with an excess of ants or grubs on your lawn, specific nematodes designed for ants or lawn grubs can effectively eradicate these problematic pests

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