Dutch Lighting DLI Joule-Series 6/750W DE 120/240V Fixture

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Introducing the DLI Joule-Series 6/750W DE Fixture - a game-changer in indoor horticultural lighting. Engineered by DLI, a trusted name in the industry, this fixture is designed to revolutionize plant growth and maximize yields. With its innovative Double-Ended (DE) technology, the Joule-Series 6/750W delivers unparalleled light output and efficiency. The 750-watt power output ensures intense illumination, promoting vigorous vegetative growth and abundant flowering. This fixture is compatible with the industry-standard 6/750W DE lamps, providing a wide coverage area for your indoor garden. Designed for optimal heat dissipation, the fixture incorporates advanced cooling features, ensuring a stable and favorable environment for your plants. The Joule-Series 6/750W DE Fixture is easy to install and operates reliably, allowing growers to focus on cultivating thriving crops. Experience the power of cutting-edge horticultural lighting with the DLI Joule-Series 6/750W DE Fixture and unlock the true potential of your indoor gardening endeavors. 


  1. Fixture Type: Double-Ended (DE) Fixture
  2. Wattage: 750 Watts
  3. Lamp Compatibility: Designed for use with industry-standard 6/750W DE lamps
  4. Voltage Input: Compatible with standard electrical voltages
  5. Frequency: Suitable for various power frequencies
  6. Light Spectrum: Optimized spectrum for both vegetative growth and flowering stages
  7. Light Output: High-intensity light output for maximum plant growth
  8. Efficiency: High energy efficiency for cost-effective operation
  9. Coverage Area: Provides a wide coverage area for indoor gardens
  10. Cooling System: Advanced cooling features for efficient heat dissipation
  11. Mounting Options: Offers versatile mounting options for easy installation
  12. Dimensions: Specific dimensions of the fixture for proper fitting and placement
  13. Construction: Durable and high-quality materials for long-lasting performance
  14. Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty details and duration
  15. Certifications: Compliance with relevant safety and quality certifications


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