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The Original Resinator OG uses revolutionary patented liquid CO2 technology to flash freeze its chamber for dry or live’ bladeless trimming (never tumble trimmed), dry or live’ kief sifting, and ice water hash washing – all in one unit. It’s our smallest machine and is capable of trimming or washing 1.5 lb of dry material at a time or sifting up to 3 lb of trim per run.


More details about Resinator OG Multi-Function:


  • Cuts your wet or dry trim time by as much as 85% compared to hand trimming, saving your business massive amounts of time and money.
  • Uses easily removable micron and mesh trim screens which are available in multiple sizes for biomass reduction and refinement. Those screens work with both dry and wet material without switching between them, and are super easy to clean too.
  • Sift and trim 100% solventlessly (or solvent free) with liquid CO2 for Cryo-Trim and Cryo-Sieve technology via instant freezing to gently detach leaves or trichomes. That means no dissolution and no post purging or processing required while gaining the option for creating living extracts.
  • The only machine on the market capable of making true Crop-to-Cure live dried cannabis (freeze dryer required).
  • Works perfectly with all kinds of hemp and cannabis material so whether you’re making THC or CBD products, our Resinator machines easily do both.
  • Only requires 110/120v and has a low amperage draw so you can run your Resinator just about anywhere.
  • Each Resinator is CE and CSA rated, simple to clean, comes with a premium quality UL-rated motor, and offers a full 1 year warranty.
  • Expedited shipping options are available to the continental USA, and affordable transportation options are available to anywhere else in the world.

Each Resinator also comes with everything you need plug-n-play right out of the box: 3 piece set of 200, 100, and 75 micron drum screens and Bubblebag resin collection bags (4 total), one 1/4” mesh trim screen, 6 piece set of anti-bacterial resin collection tools, all necessary hose/fittings for water and liquid CO2 operation, plus a digital scale, digital thermometer, digital timer and instructional USB stick with itemized SOP’s for each operational function of that equipment.

Dimensions & weight

  • Dimensions: 29" x 18" x 23"
  • Weight: 40 lbs



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