Mossify Spanish Moss Small Bag

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Add stunning Spanish Moss to your rainforest!

Introducing our new XL Spanish Moss bags - now 7 times larger than our regular Spanish Moss bags!

What's included:

  • 0.470 kg of Premium Spanish Moss. (1.03 lbs / 470 g)

Used for:

  • Around potted plants;  
  • Terrariums;
  • Home decor;
  • Wire plant baskets;
  • Floral arrangements;
  • Much more.

Spanish Moss is a versatile and unique type of Bromeliad that is widely used for decorative purposes because of its special look. Our Premium Spanish Moss will give a completely different look to your home decor, terrarium, and floral arrangement. It also absorbs moisture and nutrients from the air, making it an easy-to-care-for moss option.

With its cascading strands of delicate, silvery-grey foliage, Spanish Moss is a striking addition to any hanging basket or potted plant arrangement.

Product harvested in the United States

Fun fact: as you may know, Spanish Moss is not actually moss. Native Americans used to call it "Tree Hair." Then the French settled in North America, and they thought it looked like the beards of all the Spanish Conquistadors they used to see. So they started calling it “Barbe Espagnol,” or Spanish beard. Eventually, the name "Spanish beard" became what we know now as Spanish moss. 

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