Living Room 4 x 4 Grow Tent With Gavita 900e + Gavita Controller

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The Living Room Grow Tent is a sealed indoor growing space for starting new plants from seeds or cuttings without the need for an exterior greenhouse. Use The Living Room to separate plants at different stages of development, vary the internal conditions based on individual plant requirements, or experiment with different lighting to determine the best combination for growth.

The exterior is made from a thick black canvas and has a silver reflective interior coating which lets the light provided from your grow lights stay concentrated on the plants. The Living Room also features metal framing made of strong, durable, steel tubing and heavy-duty zippers ; the venting and cord holes offer sleeves with draw strings to seal the exit ports around ducting and cords. The Living Room enables you to achieve the optimum climate for your plants growth.

Quick and easy to assemble - no tools required. Simply pull canvas over the frame, zip up and start growing!


Introducing the Gavita 900e LED: Extraordinary Performance and Extreme Efficiency for Horticultural Excellence

The Gavita 900e LED redefines horticultural lighting with its exceptional features and unmatched performance. Delivering extraordinary results, this 680W fixture offers 15% more light to your plant canopy while using 35% less power compared to traditional 1000W DE fixtures. Experience increased yields and reduced operational costs, making the Gavita 900e LED a true game-changer for professional growers.

Designed for Optimal Yield:

The Gavita 900e LED was developed through comprehensive research and testing to ensure its tailored spectrum drives flower yield and elicits desirable traits in short day resin-producing crops. Cultivate high-quality plants with desirable characteristics, enhancing market appeal and profitability.

Efficiency Redefined:

Embracing an innovative design, the Gavita 900e LED features a contiguous circuit board, providing unparalleled PPFD uniformity across your plant canopy. Enjoy exceptional crop performance and uniform growth, thanks to its efficient lighting distribution.

Consistency and Longevity:

Thorough thermal modeling and testing ensure that the Gavita 900e LED's diodes operate at optimal temperatures, maintaining consistent light output and extending diode life for up to 11 years, even with 12 hours of daily operation.

Precision Photon Control:

Enhance plant growth by precisely regulating photon output with the 0-10V PHOTO•LOC Light Output Control, paired with the available Autopilot PX Series controller (PX2 and above). Custom-tailor the lighting intensity to suit the specific needs of your plants, promoting exceptional growth.

Space-Saving Multilayer Design:

The Gavita 900e LED boasts a multilayer rack-centric design, enabling you to maximize canopy square footage within your existing horticultural structure. Its slim profile and remote-capable driver optimize vertical growing space, making the most of your cultivation area.

Durability and Versatility:

Built to withstand the demands of commercial horticulture, the Gavita 900e LED features a robust design that ensures optimal diode performance and consistent light output. With an IP65 wet location rating, this fixture is protected against water and dust, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

Utility Rebates and DLC Listing:

The Gavita 900e LED is DLC listed (H-RR6RGRH), qualifying for utility rebates. These incentives play a crucial role in optimizing the cost-effectiveness of your lighting project, making the Gavita 900e LED an economically viable and environmentally friendly choice.

Elevate your horticultural operations with the Gavita 900e LED – the pinnacle of efficiency, performance, and sustainability. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology and take your crop production to new heights with this extraordinary LED fixture.

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