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What is Monster Grow™ Pro

Monster Grow Pro is a pure supplement designed to increase leaf development and push out more roots before flower development. It is a water soluble powder that blends minerals and organics for plant development.

Key features:

  • Improves leaf area index (size)
  • Develops secondary roots
  • Loads phosphorous to be ready for flowering stage


A closer look:

A supplement to improve plant growth

  • Product focuses heavily on root development and overall canopy growth
  • Quality nitrogen from both mineral and organic sources give a boost to plant leaf production and size
  • Added kelp provides for drought tolerance and increased root development to ensure plants can feed high yield

Provides quality inputs for the transition to flowering

  • Accelerated protein synthesis improves various plant functions
  • Improved fruit formation by providing key amino energy
  • Reduces plant stress with available plant based organic acids
  • Provides key signals to multiple biosynthesis pathways improving plant efficiency

Directions for use

Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 3 g per 19 L of water (2/3 tsp / 5 gal). Repeat weekly throughout vegetative growth period.

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