Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants

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Introducing Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses for Plants – the sweet secret to unlocking your plants' full potential! Harnessing the natural power of molasses, this premium plant supplement is your key to fostering vibrant, healthy, and robust growth in all your beloved plants.

The Sweet Elixir for Thriving Plants:

Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses is a carefully crafted, all-natural formula derived from premium-quality sugarcane. As a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and essential minerals, molasses acts as a powerful plant growth enhancer, nurturing your plants from the roots up.

Key Benefits:

1. Amplified Nutrient Uptake: The organic goodness of molasses fuels beneficial microbes in the soil, creating a thriving ecosystem that aids nutrient absorption. As a result, your plants can access and utilize vital nutrients more effectively, leading to improved overall health and resilience.

2. Enhanced Flavor and Aroma: Unlock the full potential of your fruits and flowers! Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses enriches the natural sugars in your plants, enhancing their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. Experience the true essence of your harvest like never before.

3. Stress Resistance: Help your plants withstand challenging environmental conditions. The carbohydrates in Hi-Brix Molasses provide an additional energy source, fortifying your plants against stress factors such as drought, temperature fluctuations, and pests.

4. Robust Root Development: Strong roots are the foundation of healthy plants. The natural bio-stimulants in molasses foster root growth and structure, ensuring your plants establish a solid, nutrient-absorbing root system.

5. Versatile Application: Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses can be used in various gardening methods, including soil, hydroponics, and soilless mixes. From seedlings to mature plants, it complements every stage of growth, making it an invaluable addition to your plant care regimen.

Easy to Use:

Using Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses is a breeze. Simply mix the recommended amount with water and apply it to your plants during regular watering. Watch as your plants respond with increased vitality and exuberance.

Earth Juice's Commitment:

As with all Earth Juice products, Hi-Brix Molasses is formulated with sustainability and the environment in mind. We are dedicated to providing you with premium, eco-conscious solutions that foster a greener world.

Unleash the hidden potential of your plants with Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses for Plants. Embrace organic gardening excellence and witness the transformative power of this sweet elixir. Trust Earth Juice to nurture your plants and cultivate a thriving, sustainable garden. Your plants will thank you!



  • Natural source of carbohydrates and nutrients
  • Contains molasses which is the best outside source of sugars for plants
  • Easily absorbed by plant roots
  • Initiates the growth of fruiting buds
  • Promotes consistent and steady plant growth
  • Improves the microbial life around the root zone
  • Ideal for brewing growing teas for plants
  • Great for hydroponic or soil based growing


K 1.00%


  • 72% Brix
  • Pure premium-grade unsulfured sugar cane molasses
  • A natural source of carbohydrates (sugars) and plant nutrients
  • For indoor & outdoor plants in soil or hydroponics
  • Highly recommended for brewing plant teas




Length: 3”

Width: 3”

Height: 9”

Weight: 2.4 lbs

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