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Compact and Efficient Indoor Gardening with Vegepod

  • Dimensions: 60cm x 22cm of growing space, ideal for fitting into small spaces.
  • Lighting: Equipped with a Full Sun Spectrum LED grow light that mimics natural sunlight, promoting growth year-round.
  • Water System: Self-watering wicking beds provide continuous moisture, making daily watering unnecessary.
  • Perfect for Small Greens: Highly recommended for cultivating a variety of small greens and herbs right in your indoor spaces—no natural sunlight required!
  • Variety: Offers the capacity to grow up to 8 different types of greens and herbs simultaneously.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Save on grocery bills and recoup your investment within one year with continual harvesting. Plus, enjoy the superior taste of freshly picked produce!

With Vegepod, transform any indoor area into a lush, productive garden and experience the joy and flavor of home-grown herbs and greens.

More Information

Vegepod KitchenGarden means you can grow your food whenever you want, whatever your climate, whatever your space.

Vegepod KitchenGarden is bringing indoor edible growing back to soil, as Mother Nature intended! Vegepod’s signature self-watering reservoirs are adopted in KitchenGarden, combined with the full-spectrum UV lights above, to promote amazing growth rates.

With an adjustable light height, plug, manual switch, or timer-controlled app, using professional grow lights has never been easier.

Take your cooking to the next level and have delicious fresh growing greens all year round in your home.

 The whole KitchenGarden set is included – soil and plants are excluded.

  • Requires one 10L bag of premium potting mix

Dimensions Length 60cm  x Width 22cm   x Height 33 - 61cm (adjustable roof)

  • Product weight    3kg
  • Package weight     4kg

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