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Growth Science Solid Start quart

Our Veg Booster Solid Start® encourages the rapid vegetative growth needed to create large, impressive plants. Solid Start® utilizes Giant Pacific Kelp (Macrocystis Integrifolia), Norwegian kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum), along with extra nitrogen and potassium, to promote growth in a plant’s vegetative phase.Growing at a rate of up to two feet per day, Giant Pacific Kelp is one of the fastest growing organisms on Earth. The extract from this remarkable gift of nature has been shown to promote strong root and vegetative growth. Kelp is rich in auxins, which regulate cell elongation and stimulate adventitious rooting and induce apical dominance. Solid Start® must be used in conjunction with Growth Science® Base A and Base B to give plants the building blocks needed to create the large root and leaf structure responsible for heavy yields.

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Marc Rheaume
Noticeable difference. Worth the price.

Could all be in my head, but I've used this twice now on different grows, and I see a noticeable difference in health and growth with using Solid Start. Easy to calculate, and doesn't affect the ppm much at all. As long as they have this product available, it will be part of my program.

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