Bud Aid Nutrients Bundle: Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra & Revive

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Bud Aid Is Like “Insurance” For
Your Grow Room

The team of scientists, researchers and plant chemists at Advanced Nutrients has spent many years studying the potential problems facing growers of high-value plants…


They discovered many things can go wrong during a crop cycle that could cause a large percentage of your plants to never make it and jeopardize the value of your entire harvest.


Scientific testing also determined, in a grow room emergency, TIME is the biggest threat to your plants survival!


It’s a fact: the quicker you act to treat your plants, the more likely you are to save them. That’s why you need a “first aid kit” close at hand to protect your investment and why Advanced Nutrients developed Bud Aid consisting of Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra and Revive.


If you’re not using Advanced Nutrients base nutrients — with their dialed in calcium and magnesium levels — Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra is almost a necessity. Use it at the first sign of a Ca and Mg deficiency such as stunted growth and yellowing leaves.


And when your plants really get in trouble, reach for Revive. This concentrated combination of proprietary ingredients can turn around wilted, unhealthy plants fast.


When you use Bud Aid products from Advanced Nutrients…


+ Rejuvenating substances race into roots, pumping them full of healing nutrition!

+ They drive up into your stems and leaves—flooding them with life-saving nutrients!

+ New flowers and buds bloom—and existing flowers plump up larger with new life!

Keep reading to discover more about these two Bud Aid products and how each of them can rescue your crops and potentially save your entire high-value harvest if you ever get in trouble…


This Bundle Includes

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra®

Feed Your Crops the Calcium & Magnesium They’re Lacking, Plus the Overlooked Element They Desperately Need

You know that, like developing children, your plants need a steady supply of calcium and magnesium for strong and healthy growth. But even advanced growers often overlook another element their high-value crops need: specific forms of iron in exacting ratios. If you’re using our base nutrients, you’re already getting the correct amounts of these vital elements. But if you’re using base nutrients made by other companies, your crops could be deficient, leading to stunted growth and yellowing leaves. In that case, you need Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, the only calcium and magnesium supplement formulated with the exact Ca, Mg, and Fe ratios unique to the plants we grow. It also contains optimal amounts of the diverse micronutrients your plants crave. And, as always, you’re protected by our 100% money-back Grower Guarantee!



This One-Stop, Emergency “Miracle Cure” Is A Must-Have For Every Grow Room!

This concentrated combination of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, chelated iron and chelated zinc allows you to perform quick, effective, lifesaving “CPR” on your plants. Revive is guaranteed to rejuvenate your crops if they get into the most typical kinds of nutrient-deficiency trouble – which they can if something unexpected and beyond your control occurs, and especially if you are using inferior nutrients! Our R&D team has determined that the most important factor in saving your crops is time, so don’t wait to employ Revive by adding it to your nutrient solution or using it as a foliar spray at the first sign of trouble. These rejuvenating substances race into your plant’s roots or leaves, get rapidly distributed throughout its vascular system and flood the plant with healing nutrition! If you do that in a timely manner, you’re precious plants will get their best chance not only to survive, but also to thrive. As always you either love Revive or it’s absolutely free with our 100% money back Grower Guarantee!

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