Bluelab Connect Stick USB Wireless Data Log & Nutrient Measurements

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Experience the Power of Connectivity with the Bluelab Connect Stick!

Take your crop monitoring to a whole new level with the Bluelab Connect Stick, the ultimate wireless data hub that empowers you to access and log nutrient measurements effortlessly. Seamlessly connecting to Bluelab Connect Monitors, this cutting-edge device receives wireless data and securely logs it to the cloud for your convenience. With just ONE Connect Stick, you can effortlessly receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect Devices, making crop monitoring a breeze.

Easy Setup and Seamless Monitoring: Placing the Connect Stick into a USB port on your computer is all it takes to initiate the magic of wireless monitoring. Download the FREE Connect Software, install it, and you're all set to wirelessly monitor your crop's performance. Whether you're using your PC or mobile device, you can conveniently view readings, allowing you to identify and address your crop's needs with precision.

Expandable Connectivity: The Connect Stick serves as a central hub, making it incredibly easy to add other Bluelab Connect devices to your Connect Software. A simple click of a button is all you need to expand your monitoring capabilities.

Features that Elevate Your Experience:

  • Data Logging Capability: Unlock the power of data logging when pairing the Connect Stick with Bluelab Connect Products (sold separately). This empowers you with valuable insights into your crop's performance over time.

  • Free Bluelab Connect Software: Gain access to the user-friendly Connect Software at no additional cost. Our commitment to providing you with the best tools for success is unwavering.

  • Remote Access via Google Docs: Stay informed and connected, even from afar. The Connect Software enables you to remotely view data and current status via Google Docs, provided you have a computer with a permanent internet connection.

Technical Specifications:

  • System Requirements: The Connect Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP or greater, ensuring widespread accessibility.

  • Internet Connection: Enjoy seamless data logging to the cloud through your internet connection, allowing you to access vital information anytime, anywhere.

Elevate your crop monitoring experience with the Bluelab Connect Stick. Embrace the convenience of wireless data transfer and gain valuable insights into your crop's performance. Stay connected, stay informed, and let Bluelab lead the way to thriving crops and exceptional yields.

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