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B-52 Fertilizer Booster will give your plants the mega-doses of Vitamin B that your plants truly need for the stressful and intense conditions of indoor hydroponic grow rooms.  Raise the plants metabolism using B-52, one of many in Advanced Nutrients' wide variety of specialty products that can be used all the way from from seed or clone to harvest.


  • B-52 provides natural hormones and vitamins that your plant needs to thrive.
  • Use B-52 with any growing medium including soil, coco, rock-wool, or sphagnum moss.
  • Can be applied as both a foliar spray and root nutrient.


Apply B-52 to your leaves or roots today, and make certain that your harvest is bountiful and healthy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael Lotherington
Great Product

Plants look awesome, highly recommend this product.

Brenda Long
Aunt helping Nephew


It is my Nephew with the green thumb :)

He would have to speak to your product.

I can speak to ease and quickness of receiving product.

Way to go :)

Giving my plants vitamins!

As part of the Connoisseur Grow plan, I added this to my nutrients that I feed my plants. This seller provided exactly what I needed in a timely speed and the product was sealed securely.

Not sure....

Been using B52 as instructed for a while now. But because I'm using it on all plants and clones. It is difficult to say what effect it has if any. Do my girls look healthy? Yes they do! Is it because B52? I honestly am not sure. I have a new set of clones ill be taking soon, maybe I will leave some untreated to see if there is a difference or not.


Blue Dahlia
Great price and Fast shipping!

Growdaddy had the best price on B-52 and other Advanced Nutrients. Will be ordering from them again.
And will be supporting a Canadian company. As for the B-52 ... wow have my plants grown!

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