Smoking accessories

Smoking Accessories

We carry a wide variety of smoking accessories. From cleaners and scrubbers, to trays and personal air filters - Grow Daddy has you covered.

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  • Agent Orange Super Soak - With Bowl Brush.

    Earth safe, Glass cleaner made from renewable resources.
    From $6.99
  • Bedazzled Chalice cleaner

    Get Your Sparkle on with Bedazzled. This anti-bacterial, lightning quick, chalice cleaner will have your glass, metal or ceramic piece looking like new in 30 seconds. Glass Cleaner Features: Size:...
  • Gear Premium Glass Cleaner

  • Grunge Off Cleaner

    Easy to use and reusable. No scrubbing required or harmful abrasives. To use pour solution into your glass, or acrylic piece. Shake Gently if necessary. Alcohol Free.  
  • Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner

    Premium glass cleaner with granulated scrubbers for an abrasive clean. Shake well before use. This product can be reused for multiple washes.
    From $6.99
  • Purple Power 710 Solution

    The 710 Solution is the newest addition to the Purple Power brand. With the concentrate market blowing up we decided to formulate a cleaner specifically for cleaning oil rigs, domes,...
  • Purple Power Glass Cleaner Original

  • Purple Power Ultra Instant Formula

    Purple Power Ultra Plus Instant Formula will power clean your smoking accessories with extreme ease. This advance no-scrub, instant shaking formula is sure to leave any Pyrex, glass, acrylic plastic and...
  • Orange Chronic The Super Here

  • Cali Clean Grinder Cleaner

    Natural Ingredients, cleans all surfaces, lubricates and is reusable.
  • ResOlution Glass Cleaning Gel

    Non-Toxic, Glass cleaning Gel.
  • Smoke Soap

    Clean your Bong or Pipe without the chemicals. Organic ingredients,  No after taste.
  • Randy's Orange Label Cleaner

    Orange Label Cleaner is a natural citrus cleaner. Cleans Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic. 
  • Piece Water

    ABOUT The Piece Water concept began as a solution to a very serious problem. We, of course, are referring to the dirty-smelly-bong and the hassles and hidden dangers of cleaning...
  • Original Buddy Glass Scrubber

    Buddy Magnetic Cleaning System (Bong Buddy Cleaner Glass Scrubber Tool) Magnetic cleaning tool for glass water-pipes - little cleaning piece goes inside your bong, bigger handle stays outside, allowing you...
  • 710 NO Tane Ethyl Alcohol

    710 Notane is 100% ethyl alcohol used for extraction or to clean out your favorite smoking pieces. The almost 200% (192 proof) alcohol content eats away at resin and reclaim...
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