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Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-Part Nutrient System on the market. Used in a 1:1 ratio throughout...

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Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-Part Nutrient System on the market. Used in a 1:1 ratio throughout all growth cycles, there’s no fumbling around with different measurements for each week of each growth stage; it’s easy to use for the absolute beginner and has been formulated to meet the complex needs of the professional grower.

Dual Fuel is a 2-Part nutrient system formulated for the professional grower. Designed to be used throughout the vegetative and bloom stages, this user-friendly liquid fertilizer promotes vigorous growth and floral production.

This kit includes:

250ml Dual Fuel 1 

250ml Dual Fuel 2

250ml Massive Bloom

250ml  Rezin

250ml Liquid Weight

250ml Vitathrive Propagation Solution 



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Green Planet duel fuel system

The gentleman at my local hydro store suggested I try a new line they just got so I checked out a set of 5 -250 ml bottles. I followed the easy 1:1 ratio. No complicated measurements, hard to remember instructions, plus the products work like a dream! My lovely ladies loved these products and responded by giving me monster yields. I was so impressed I switched all my plants over to give it another test to make sure it was the real deal. The plants showed no signs of being deficient in any areas and the girls exploded out of the gate and I had one of the best harvests ever. The buds were massive and dense. The terpenes were oozing out of the buds. Boy that product “Rezin” really makes the gals juicy and I’ve noticed a definite increase in my resin production. The only extra thing I added was another Green Planet product called Cal Mag. Don’t know why they don’t include in package but whatever. If you are looking for a complete fertiliser line for your cannabis plants, look no further than the Green Planet duel fuel 2 part system. I was using General Hydroponics and it just wasn’t on the same level as the duel fuel. It turned my product from good but not as good as dispensary stuff to I have no problem doing the Pepsi challenge with anything that the dispensaries have to offer. Word!! I’ve never written a review before but I sure will about this stuff. Green Planet, thank you for taking my gardening to a whole new level. If ya want your plants to go to that next level then Get duel fuel and come on up to the next level!

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