Dutch Lighting Innovations DLM-4 Zone Controller *RJ12 Compatible For Most Brands*

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Introducing the Dutch Lighting Innovations DLM-4 Zone Controller - the ultimate control solution for your indoor horticulture setup. Designed by Dutch Lighting Innovations, a leader in advanced lighting technologies, this zone controller brings unparalleled precision and convenience to your cultivation environment. With the DLM-4, you have complete mastery over your lighting system, allowing you to optimize and fine-tune every aspect of your indoor garden.

The DLM-4 Zone Controller offers seamless control over up to four independent lighting zones, enabling you to customize lighting schedules, intensities, and spectrum settings for each zone. Whether you're growing different plant varieties or following specific growth stages, the DLM-4 empowers you to create the perfect lighting conditions tailored to your plants' needs.

Equipped with advanced features, the DLM-4 ensures reliable and efficient operation. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy to program and monitor your lighting settings. The controller also provides real-time feedback and data logging, allowing you to analyze and adjust your lighting strategies for optimal results.

The DLM-4 Zone Controller is compatible with a range of lighting systems, including high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, LED fixtures, and more. Its robust construction and quality components guarantee long-lasting performance and durability.

Take your indoor gardening to the next level with the Dutch Lighting Innovations DLM-4 Zone Controller. Experience unrivaled control, precision, and efficiency in managing your lighting system, and unlock the full potential of your plants' growth and productivity. Revolutionize your cultivation with the DLM-4 and harness the power of advanced lighting control technology.

DLM -4 Zone Controller

  • Controls over 1000 fixtures
  • Compatible with all DLI fixtures
  • Easy installation
  • Error logging
  • Each zone can control up to 255 lights and 1 sensor
  • Digital time clock
  • Measure the temperature of up to 4 zones
  • User can select to dim the lights if the temperature goes above their chosen set point
  • Simple to use DIN type bracket
  • Interconnecting communication cables are available in different lengths
  • Technical specifications:
  • Power<60W
  • Voltage range100V - 240V
    IP ratingIP20
    Product dimensions 5.3x3.4x1.4 inch / 13.5x8.5x3.5 cm
    Product weight 0.6 lb / 0.27 kg
    Certifications ETL
    Country of origin PRC
    Warranty1 Year

Setting your controller up

The controller comes with a simple to use DIN type bracket. Pull the 4 tabs outward to release the bracket from the unit, mount the bracket to a wall or surface, place the unit back on the bracket and press the 4 tabs back in to lock the unit in place. The interconnecting communication cables are available in different lengths, select the correct length for your application. The DLM-4 Zone Controller is supplied with a 4ft cable and 16ft cable. These interconnecting cables are also available in lengths of 25ft and 50ft. Select the correct length for your application.

Each zone can have separate dimming actions to take place, and each zone can have it own separate temperature sensor that monitors the zone temperature.

Firmware updates

On a regular basis DLI will release updated firmware / software for the DLM-4 Zone Controller. The new firmware will update older versions firmware, or add new functions to the DLM-4 Zone Controller. By registering your DLM-4 Zone Controller on https://dutchlightinginnovations.com/product-registration/ we can notify you when an update is available. 

Documents and Specs:

Manual-Click Here-
Details-Click Here-


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