Climate Control

Climate Control 

In order to optimize plant health and maximize growth, cannabis growers must work towards having complete control over the growing environment and an understanding of plants need. With the right tools, growers can precisely control the pH, air quality, humidity, temperature, Co2, and unwanted odours of a room. 

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  • Hurricane Centrifugal Inline Fans

    Hurricane® Inline Fans are commercial grade, high performance fans. The housings are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. Made with quality UL components for quiet operation. Include...
    From $149.99
  • Hydrofarm Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

    • Water-resistant stainless steel temperature probe• Digital temperature control• Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit• Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out
  • Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor & Data Logger

    Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor & Data Logger   Accuracy, innovative features, and unbeatable affordability in one small, user-friendly CO2 monitor. To deliver its measurements, the Autopilot APCEM2 Desktop CO2 Monitor...
  • Air Box Junior Intake (Hepa)

    Don't let unwanted air pollutant get in your grow room with this versatile Air box jr. From the maker of the original Air box, it eliminates 98% of all insects,...
  • Air Box Junior Exhaust (Coco)

    Don't let unwanted air pollutants get in your grow room with this versatile Air box jr. From the maker of the original Air box, it eliminates 98% of all insects,...
  • CO2 Enhancer Bundle

    TNB Naturals CO2 dispersal canister has the potential to double your crops yield. Adding CO2 allows plants to continue growing at an optimum rate at all times. This Bundle includes: ...
  • Grow1 Digital Weather Station

    Grow1 Digital Weather Station (non-wireless) The Gro1 Weather Station is the must-have product for every grow room or greenhouse. This weather station displays the date and time, the electronic weather...
  • Aqua Heat Titanium 300w Reservoir Heater

    Heater tube is fully submersible Automatic electronic heater Double heating tube Very durable and reliable Easy temperature control Ideal for saltwater and freshwater Temp range: 68 F (20ºC) to 93...
  • TNB Bottle Hanger

    Easy to use strap for hanging the TNB CO2 Bottle
  • Grozone SCC1 Climate Controller

    An easy-to-use alternate solution to HTC Climate Controller: just connect your fan, your dehumidifier or humidifier, your CO2 generator, set the knobs and you're ready! Two built-in LVC1 (Low Voltage Relays)...
  • Ozone Generator 5500 CU FT

    Ozone, also known as 03, is a powerful oxidizer that removes odors by neutralizing them at the molecular level. Ozone Generators work by pulling air into the generator and running...
  • Grozone Ulta Simple CO2 Controller

    This is Grozone’s beginner solution for growers looking for affordable and easy-to-use CO2 controller. User can select one among five preset CO2 control values (1000, 1125, 1250, 1375 and 1500...
  • Speedster Variable Fan Speed Controller

    The Speedster™ is great multi-purpose speed control. Three settings include off, on (full) and variable. Simply use the dial to increase or decrease fan motor speed. 120 V/15 Amps.
  • Hydrofarm 8 Outlet Surge Protected Power Bar with Timer

     Up your amperage without risking blowing an outlet or frying your electronics • 4 timed, 4 constant outlets • Power indicator • Surge protector• 6' power cord
  • Bluelab pH Pen

    Plants get their nutrient from minerals but they can only get all the right minerals they need if certain conditions are right. Think of nutrients like a lock. pH is...
  • La Crosse Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitor

    The La Crosse Alerts Monitor and Alert System by La Crosse Technology is easy to use, flexible and extremely affordable for its versatile functionality. Custom text and e-mail alerts notify...
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