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Beginner Bundles

Here at Grow Daddy, we are doing our best to make learning to grow as simple as possible. One of the ways that we do this is by bundling useful tools to make your job easier. Check out these beginner bundles!

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  • Magical Butter and Decarb Bundle

    The Magical Butter Machine has become the best selling infusion machine on the market, so we have made it easy for you to get everything you need to turn your...
    From $275.99
  • Nutrient Starter Bundle

    At Grow Daddy we want to make it easy for you to get started. We have included the basic equipment you will need to start using your nutrient kit. Each...
    From $229.99
  • Propagation Starter Bundle

    So you have your seeds or clones and now you want to start growing! Grow Daddy has made it easier than ever with our Propagation Starter Bundle, which gives you everything...
  • Trimming & Curing Bundle

    Growing your cannabis is just half of the fun; to be able to consume it you also have to make sure it's properly trimmed and cured. That's why we put together...
  • Ventilation Starter Bundle

    Growing healthy plants means providing them with clean air and requires a good ventilation system. We want to make this easier for new growers with our Ventilation Starter Bundles, designed to fit...
    From $299.99
  • Xtrasun 1000w Lamp and Reflector Kit

     Includes: A magnetic 1000 Watt Switchable 120/240 Volt Ballast, an Xtrasun Wing Reflector and an Xtrasun 1000 HO HPS lamp all packaged in one box  • 1000 watt Switchable HPS/MH...
  • Sun System® Magnetic Trifecta

    Includes a magnetic ballast the Sun System® Hard Core® 1000 watt switchable 120-240 volt, an Econo Wing Reflector® and an Ultra Sun® 1000 HO HPS lamp all packaged in one...
  • Pest Control Starter Bundle

    At some point during your grow, pests will be your number one concern. We have put together a kit that can help you make sure that you are aware and prepared...
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