GrowDaddy Featured On CBC!

Harvest time on Prince Edward Island

GrowDaddy Canada on CBC

Thank you to everyone who reached out to let us know you saw us featured on CBC!

The CBC P.E.I. crew recently visited our flagship store in Stratord, Prince Edward Island to talk about the changes to the growing industry since legalization in Canada.

Operations manager Hunter Kerr said the increase in business has been "significant" and they have had to do a major renovation at their location to keep up with demand since cannabis was legalized in October 2018. (via
"It seems everybody's opened up to it and, yeah, there's certainly been a spike in business for new growers coming in just looking for info, advice on how to see their plants through to maturity and get their first harvest." (via
Some are actually getting into growing pot not because they want something to smoke, Kerr said, but more for the hobby of cultivating it. (via

We encourage anyone curious about growing to swing by our store in Stratford where our helpful staff can point you in the right direction. Our online store also ships fast nationwide with fulfillment partners across Canada.

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