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The Sunburst is an efficient electronic ballast and reflector in one compact package. It delivers more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and operates at cooler, quieter levels than any other compact system on the market.

This Sunburst model accepts most High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps, in 250 and 400 Watt models. The integrated ballast automatically senses which type of lamp it is running and operates accordingly.

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Bruce Alexander

Many people start out in a closet or a small tent to "test the waters". I have a 2'X4'X5.3" tent and having the ability to go from Metal Halide to High Pressure Sodium makes this fixture a perfect fit for a simi-stealth operation like mine. I don't have to move plants from the closet to the tent. Now I wish I had 2 of them so I could grow in the closet too.
The temperature in the tent never goes above 28ºC and the room it is in has a temperature of 18ºC to 20ºC. These temps are with either the 250 HPS or a 400 HPS.
The picture is my plants in a tent 5 weeks after going to 12/12 and switching to the 400 Watt HPS.
You will not be disappointed in this fixture. It is small and compact and get the job done and done well.
Like I said,,, I wish I had 2 so I could grow more plants.

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