Quad Nutro: Fulonic (Fulvic Acid Additive)

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ALL NATURAL Fulvic Acid solution with the highest ionic charge to improve the CEC in your growth system and improve nutrient uptake.

QUAD NUTRO FULONIC is a powerful systemic nutrient additive to chelate nutrients and increase  uptake into your plants, improving the quality and quantity of your yield. Enriched with Nitrogen and  Sulfur and naturally forming enzymes, FULONIC uses our proprietary ​High Ionic Charged Fulvic Acid  Solution ​ to improve the efficacy of your current nutrient program and reduce nutrient loss to gas off  and leaching.

● Increases the rate of translocation of nutrients

● Reduces gas-off by up to 50%

● Aids in the expulsion of waste through chelation

● Increases stress tolerances, including heat and drought

● Improves nutrient uptake by the roots

● Allows for reductions in water requirements

● Safe in all grow systems and mediums

● Safe for aquaculture

● Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 - 6.5)

 How Do You Use FULONIC?

FULONIC is designed to support Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems, as well as Soilless or Soil growing  mediums. It can be used throughout the vegetative phase and into the flower phase depending on crop.   


FOLIAR APPLICATION​: Shake well before use. Mix 10mL of FULONIC per 1L (2.5 Tbsp / US Gallon) of  water (1% solution) in your foliar spray reservoir as a wetting agent and apply to your crop canopy.    


SYSTEMIC APPLICATION:​ Shake well before use. Apply 4ml per litre (1 Tbsp / US Gallon) of water into a  nutrient tank for regular feeding or seek the advice of an agricultural representative or a professional  agricultural consultant to address for corrections of deficiencies as determined by foliar or soil testing.   


Best results for soil when used in combination with Quad Nutro HUMONIC or TERRA for soil conditioning to  reduce nutrient loss from leaching or gassing off.

Available sizes: 250ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 205L Barrel, 1000L Tote

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