Quad Nutro: F1 Fuel Nutrient Booster

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Quad Nutro: Fuel nutrient booster

QUAD NUTRO F1 FUEL is a powerful systemic nutrient additive to chelate nutrients and increase  uptake into your plants, improving the quality and quantity of your yield. Enriched with Nitrogen and  Sulfur and naturally forming enzymes, F1 FUEL uses our proprietary ​High Ionic Charged Fulvic Acid  Solution ​ to improve the efficacy of your current nutrient program and reduce nutrient loss to gas off  and leaching.

● Helps form important enzymes for optimal growth 

● Assists in the formation of plant proteins 

● Aids in the formation of chlorophyll 

● Increases Brix levels to improve plants resistance to disease (especially powdery mildews  & black spot) 

● Extends time-release of nutrients allowing for a larger application window 

● Helps preserve nitrogen in the growth medium preventing gas-off & leaching (retain up to  50% nitrogen with 28% UAN application) 

● Supplies 8% Nitrogen and 11.5% Sulfur dissolved in a Fulvic Acid Solution 

● Can be used with a UAN program (at 28%) 

● Works with all Nutrient Programs 

● Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 - 6.5) 

Available sizes: 250ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 205L Barrel, 1000L Tote

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