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Frass & Furious is an all in one natural sustainable food source, pest control and fertilizer for plants.   It is dry and virtually odorless.
Frass & Furious works as an all natural food source and fertilizer, pest and mold control, adds bacteria, fungi and protozoa.  Rich in chitin, it helps stimulate the plants terpenes, flavinoids and amino acids.  In short, Frass & Furious will kick your plants immune system in Furious mode!

Frass & Furious is produced in our own facility where we can closely monitor the production of our mealworms and frass.  The frass is collected, sifted, purified and packed with no additives or fillers.

Frass & Furious is 100% safe for the environment.  It can be used near ponds and waterways without washing away like chemical fertilizers.  Also safe for pets and humans.  Frass & Furious has a slow release and will not burn your plants so there is no risk of over using.

Try it and see the results first hand.  You wont be disappointed
Soil mix for new plants and transplants:
Mix 15% of Frass & Furious per volume of soil for potted plants.  For transplants, mix 5-10g in potting hole and water thoroughly.  Continue to fertilize weekly with liquid mixture or top dress.

Liquid mixture:
Mix 20g of Frass & Furious per liter of water.  Stir and let sit for 2 hours, stirring occasionally.  Use within 24 hours.  Water plants weekly.  This method can also be used as foliar feeding.

Top dress plants:
Sprinkle 5g of Frass & Furious around plant stems and roots and water.  Repeat weekly.

Spread 1 pound of Frass & Furious per 25 square feet of topsoil.  Mix in with soil

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