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Most growers think of fungi as something bad that can happen to their crop, similar to mold. Advanced Nutrients wants to introduce you to beneficial fungi that can take a bite out of bad fungi while boosting your crop's root mass, root efficiency and yield. Our PIRANHA product contains the perfect type of beneficial fungi that you need to use in your agricultural enterprises. When you put Piranha in your root zone, these fungi work symbiotically with roots and other root zone components to help roots absorb nutrients and process them more efficiently. The surge of nutrients creates a surge in growth and yield. As an added benefit, when Piranha is used as a foliar spray or in the root zone, it acts as a bio-fungicide that can resist harmful fungi, mold and mildew infestations that would otherwise ruin your crop. Many of our customers use Piranha along with Voodoo Juice and Carbo Load because the three products have a complementary effect that potentiates the best of each individual formula. Customers who've been growing in sterile media or systems that lack soil tell us that using Piranha, Voodoo and Carbo Load creates a natural environment for their crops that has fertility similar to that found in the richest outdoor soil.

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