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Active Aqua Chillers are the Freon-free, environmentally safe way to keep hydroponic solutions at the perfect temperature in your reservoirs....

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Active Aqua Chillers are the Freon-free, environmentally safe way to keep hydroponic solutions at the perfect temperature in your reservoirs. With microcomputer control systems and LCD displays, as well as temperature memory systems included in each unit, these chillers offer maximum utility and durability.



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1/10 hp, 1/4 hp, 1/2 hp, 1 hp

Customer Reviews

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We purchased this chiller on line and are very pleased with it. It arrived in less than a week to ont. It’s nice and quiet and we are very happy

Amazing! Active aqua 1/10HP chiller

I'd like to start off the review by saying thank you to grow daddy for the great service and speedy delivery of my water chiller. As I live in ontario I've never tried grow daddy and was hesitant at first. Chiller runs great, in 24 hours it turns on 3 times to bring temp back down to 68°where I set it, each time running for about 15 minutes. Clean product and brand new in original packaging. Some of the reviews about customers recieving this unit from other sellers warn u about the product being used or damaged. This was not the case with grow daddy. I have absolutely no problems with the chiller what so ever. The reason for not rating full 5 stars is because although the box was wrapped and the unit is somewhat protected by the Styrofoam in the box, I believe the original box with the black padding around it should be placed into a secondary box to keep it more protected for further journeys. We all know how canada post and other couriers handle packages aggressively. And also the unit was not labed to keep it upright at all times which made me half to leave the unit upright without powering on for 24hrs. 1 more thing this is the new version of the chiller and not the white one, just and outdated picture, picture of product i recieved attached. Other than this everything went phenomenal! Thanks

So far so good!

I bought this water chiller for my small DWC setup since I wanted to keep my res temps under 68F. I’ve only had it a couple weeks but so far it’s working exactly as intended. The pipe clamps required a fair bit of tightening to keep them from leaking but other than that the installation was very straightforward. Noise levels are quite low. You basically set a range (within a few degrees) and once the max temp is reached it begins to cool until your set point is reached again. This is a passive cooler and does require an external pump to operate. I picked up a 400GPH pump which works perfectly. It has a titanium heat evaporator so hopefully it will last a long time.

Perfectly chilled water!

This chiller works well. Zero issues.

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