Post Harvest

Post Harvest

In addition to growing your plants, you will also need to prune them and harvest, dry and trim your buds. Equipping yourself with the right tools can help make these time-consuming tasks much easier. 

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  • Pro-Cut: Dry Mini Trimmer

    After weeks of patiently drying your harvest, do you really want to spend another week (or more!) hand trimming it? Neither did the team at Pro-Cut! The Pro-Cut Dry Mini...
  • Pro-Cut: Dry Trimmer

    Why trim dry? The drying process locks in the plant's natural color and aroma. A better smell and taste and you can trim when you want. Gently manicure large amounts...
  • Pro-Cut P2X Trimmer

    Saves you valuable time and money. Effective, economical and very quiet! It separates excess leaves and twigs from Your bud easily. Also available, replacement parts for your Pro-Cut. See all...
  • Potpourri Maker 16"

    Save time and energy with this manual Potpourri Maker! Especially made to eliminate unwanted leaves and branches in the garden; it is perfect to cut plants and bushes like rosemary,...
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