Post Harvest

Post Harvest

In addition to growing your plants, you will also need to prune them and harvest, dry and trim your buds. Equipping yourself with the right tools can help make these time-consuming tasks much easier. 

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  • PureTane Butane

    Premium American Butane. This butane has been tripled refined and 11x filtered to 99.9998% pure N-Butane 300ml /10.14 fl.oz / 167g
  • BlueFlame Butane Blend

    Triple refined Butane blend. 70% butan/ 30% propanr NO Mercaptans NO toxic Lubes Food Grade Can BPA-Free Liner 100% Recyclable  11x Refined Made in the USA
  • Clipper Butane

    Refined Butane for torches and clippers
  • Measure Master 7000 Large Capacity Platform Scale

    Measure Master Large Capacity Platform Scale features a 0.02 Kg/0.7 oz graduation. The Measure Master Large Capacity Platform Scale displays weight in Kg, oz and lbs. The stainless steel platform...
  • Vacuum Sealer Pro 2300

    Stainless steel with heavy- duty construction for top of the line performance. Perfect for protecting domestic meats, game, fish, vegetables or your personal possessions and valuable documents.
  • Herbal Chef Electric Butter Infuser

    Electronic Butter Infuser  This Herbal Chef Electric Infuser works with up to 5 Cups of butter, oil, or tincture base for potent cannabis infusions! Now with less time, waste & mess than...
  • Ardent Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

    A Specially Designed Silicone Sleeve For Your Nova Lift! You’ve been asking and it’s finally here! This FDA approved, food-grade and BPA-free silicone sleeve makes decarbing concentrates and  infusing even easier. Make...
  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer

    The Firefly 2 is designed for people who love the plant. Our dynamic convection technology delivers phenomenal flavor andzero waste. It's equally superb with plants or concentrates, ready in 3seconds,...
  • Davinci Miqro Vaporizer

     The DaVinci MIQRO in an incredibly small personal vaporizer that packs impressive performance into it’s small size.  While being truly palm sized it still offers 4 Smart Paths and Precision Temperature Control,...
  • Davinci IQ Vaporizer

      With the IQ’s mouthpiece, we have elevated purity levels for flavor. Using a 100% ceramic zirconia air path and only the highest quality materials, the mouthpiece allows the user...
  • Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

    The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is a fresh new take on a vaporizer and looks to merge vaporizers and water pipes into 1 functional unit.  
  • Dr. Dabber Aurora: Artist Series - AHOL SNIFFS GLUE

    3 carefully calibrated heat settings designed to enhance flavor for various consistencies -Choose your Atomizer: Not all oils & waxes are the same, so three unique atomizers are included to expand...
  • Puffco Plus V2

    Puffco Plus V2 This all-time favourite concentrate pen has gotten some awesome updates. On top of all the cool features the old PuffCo Plus already had, Puffco made some clever additions: 15%...
  • Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

    The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is quite simply, the next generation of vaporizer. Utilizing patent pending induction heating technology, the SWITCH delivers unparalled performance with absolutely no compromise. This IS the...
  • Volcano Digit Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

     The Volcano has been one of the best selling premium vaporizer products on the market for nearly a decade. The Volcano Digit gives you even better temperature with the same sleek, futuristic design....
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