Grow Systems

Grow Systems 

Long are the days when growers used only soil as their growing medium. There have been many innovations in cannabis cultivation, and now growers have more options than ever. Hydroponic grow systems offer higher yields in shorter periods but can be a little daunting to new growers. Grow Daddy offers the most trusted grow systems in the industry. 

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  • Sun Blaster Grow Light Garden

     The Wicking System provides a capillary movement where it  draws water from the base reservoir, via the wicking mat and carries it to the tray bottom. These trays have been...
  • Hocus Pocus Mushroom Kit

    Hocus Pocus is the best pick for your mushroom garden. This kit includes eveything you will need to start the garden of your dreams. **Complete kit for beginners or experts*...
  • Vermi T Bio Cartridge

    This cartridge is the key to the multiplication of a diverse microbial rich solution from your Vermi T 5/10 Extractor. This configuration is sold off the shelf without bottles for...
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