Grow Tents

Grow tents are protective, easy to set up grow spaces that feature premade exhaust vents, wall to wall reflective mylar, and a grow light hanging bars that save you from having to drill holes into the ceiling. These protective tents help to keep out pests and bacteria, and create a more easily controlled climate for growing.

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General guidelines on plant numbers by tent size

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  • Mammoth Propagation Tents

    Mattmoth provides budget propagation tents for new growers looking to start their seedlings or clones.
    From $109.99
  • Mammoth Lite Grow Tents (1.3'x1.3' - 4.9'x4.9')

    Mammoth Lite Offers the price conscious customer a wide range of sizes Light proof design Quick and easy assemby Material is washable inside and outside
    From $69.99
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