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  • General Organics: Go Box

    This Go Box kit includes everything but the kitchen sink, so you can get outstanding results. Thousands of other gardeners have already experienced the benefits, and this pack comes at...
  • General Organics: BioThrive Grow

    Formulated to meet the needs of plants through every stage of growth, BioThrive is an entirely vegan plant food that contains plant extracts, seaweed, mined minerals and mined mineral derivatives....
    From $18.49
  • General Organics: BioThrive Bloom

    BioThrive® BloomFor flower, fruit and seed productionAlthough the rooting and growth phases are important, plants need the most support in that crucial, later phase of growth when flowering and fruiting...
    From $18.49
  • General Organics: Organic Bio Root Booster

    Young plants require well-established and robust root systems in order to reach their full potential in later growth stages. BioRoot is designed to give those fledgling roots the foundation they...
    From $18.49
  • General Organics: Bio Weed

    When it comes to plant benefits, seaweed is a powerhouse. It's been used on plants for better growth by gardeners around the world.  Ocean to GardenBioWeed harnesses the benefits of seaweed...
    From $19.49
  • General Organics: Bio Marine

    Huge populations of squid are out of balance with fish populations in the ocean, but do offer major benefits when it comes to plants. Squid provides beneficial support to plants...
    From $18.49
  • General Organics: Bio Bud

    Even if your plants bloom naturally, it's likely they can use some help in achieving more abundance and vigor. BioBud is formulated to enhance the blooming process, resulting in a more bountiful...
    From $44.49
  • General Organics: Diamond Black

    Formulated from leonardite, Diamond Black promotes soil structure, increases nutrient retention and reduces water usage. Perfect for all types of plants, during all phases of growth. Additionally, Diamond Black can be used...
    From $18.99
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